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What is the difference between Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis?

I get ask this often, the number one reason to have a mmj card used to be because of legal issues, it made patients feel safe and protected against criminal with the recreational regulations coming to our State of Michigan. I now get ask about the big difference of Recreational and Medical Cannabis,and the benefits of obtaining a card or not to obtain a mmj card?

So what is the difference between Medical and Recreational Cannabis?

Well in short the amount of THC will be lower in Recreational and higher THC level will be found in the Medical. The laws in your state may also make a difference between Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis. For instance in my state of Michigan the taxes will be higher for Recreational Cannabis, and lower taxes for Medicinal Cannabis. in laments terms you are paying a higher price for a lower THC leveled Cannabis.

That may not be the only difference as per your own State's Cannabis Regulations ,in some State's you may only be able to posses flower. Which means your concentrates(cartridges, live resin,sugars,ect,) will still be illegal if you do not have mmj card. You must know your State's current Regulations to stay in compliance. It used to be easy to explain why you should obtain and keep a mmj card, simply put it was illegal it was better to have a mmj card to protect yourself. Now with it becoming recreational it seems cannabis enthusiast have been able to breath easier, however there may still be stipulations on your legal rights. Know your laws in your State,the benefits of having a mmj will always be greater than not having a mmj card.

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