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Waiting to Inhale

Here on the West side of the State of Michigan, we have been patiently waiting for our opening day of Recreational adult-use. The Eastside has been open for over a month. This has been an exciting time for all of us in the industry and the Cannabis enthusiast. We are ready to celebrate the ending of an Era!

As provisioning Centers, add the final touches to their opening day and Cannabis enthusiasts wait approximately another week to be able to purchase. When reflecting on how far we have come on the legalization of this plant, it is staggering compared to the amount of time it took in ending the prohibition on alcohol.

Almost a hundred years of prohibition that tried to stifle the plant and it's medicinal properties. The stigma associated with Cannabis may take almost as long to abolish. The reefer madness mindset that is still present today can be countered by education and scientific proof for the most part. Information is fundamental to combat the schemas and even then you may not reach those core beliefs. We have been given back the right of choice, no matter your stance on Cannabis. You may now choose if Cannabis is right for you or if Cannabis is not right for you?

Your choice, your tomorrow, your wellness never sounded so good!

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