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The new's of recreational marijuana has Michigan all a buzz.

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Updated on 1/12/2020

So much has happened since I published this blog, the adrenaline of being apart of this marijuana timeline has me feeling exhilarated as we put our final touches on this big day. Within the next few days, we will open for Recreational Adult-use celebrating this historic milestone along with fellow cannabis enthusiasts! I am so proud to be apart of this I thought I should share again how long we have waited to mark the end to this Era!

Here in Michigan this year we are anxiously awaiting this Holiday Season. December will be bringing in more than just holiday cheer. This year recreational users may also purchase from Licensed Medical Cannabis Provisional Centers as early as December 1st, 2019. If we were to look at the Michigan Marijuana timeline we started this journey in 2008 it has been a long time coming.

2008 Michigan voters approve the legalization of medical Marijuana.( the law was enacted beginning of December)

2009 Federal Government needs to clarify their position related to marijuana ( Under Federal Government marijuana is still illegal and they can still prosecute even within lawfully possessing, however, they issue a memo the Ogden memo that suggests the department would not prosecute patients and distributors who are in clear and unambiguous compliance).

2009 medical Marijuana dispensaries start popping up around the state.

2010 Michigan Court of Appeals tries to clarify poorly written Medical Marijuana law ( the confusion regarding circumstances surrounding whether an individual can use marijuana without fear of prosecution).

2011 Federal Government takes a more affirmative stance on Medical Marijuana(Cole Memo in this memo they refer to the Ogden Memo and how it was never intended to shield activities from the Federal Government Enforcement or prosecution. they have determined marijuana to be a dangerous drug even if your state law supports it).

2011 Federal Judge rules against Medical Marijuana Patient( drug test showed marijuana in his system and was terminated MMMA does not regulate private employment).

2011 Court of Appeals rules against Medical Marijuana Dispensary( nuisance, dispensary not acting under the MMMA accordance, medical use of marijuana does not include sales transfer or delivery of marijuana).

2011 Law Enforcement cracks down on Dispensaries( tension between state and federal law, law enforcement officers who did not understand the law or agree with it, set the precedent for raids on dispensaries).

2012 Marijuana zero-tolerance intoxicated driving policy not applicable to medical marijuana patients( meaning in order for medical marijuana driver to be prosecuted for intoxicated driving the state would have to prove that the marijuana consumed substantially lessened their ability to drive).

2013 Michigan Supreme Court rules against medical marijuana dispensaries(dispensary not immune from public nuisance claim, MMMA did not apply to dispensary actions, an affirmative defense for the prosecution did not apply to action). 2016 Michigan State Supreme says no to collective grow operations.

2016 Governor Snyder signs law clarifying and expanding medical marijuana in Michigan.

2019 December will begin recreational in addition to medical marijuana.

So now that we have this exciting news to spread, I spoke with Cannabis Enthusiast and some within the cannabis industry. To say they are excited would be an understatement. When asked the question of how exciting is the new recreational law to the cannabis enthusiast? As a cannabis enthusiast, it is relieving to know I can purchase recreational cannabis from a licensed provisional with confidence that it is safe and state tested she replied.

The Cannabis industry is all a buzz about the latest cannabis landscape. The same question was asked the reply is as follows. I'm excited to see how far cannabis has come from 2008 when Michigan voter's approved the legalization of medical marijuana to 2019 when Michigan voter's approved the legalization of recreational marijuana. The industry will be beneficial to economic growth in communities in Michigan as well as the state as a whole. The decriminalization of marijuana will allow the justice system and law enforcement to focus on more pressing issues in the community. I am proud to be part of this industry and to have the opportunity to positively impact the community. I'm happy they are finally accepting this plant as a medicine and allowing everyone to experience the benefits if they wish to. No one is saying marijuana is right for everyone, but at least now it is your choice, your health, and your tomorrow.

It really has been exhilarating to be part of the Michigan Marijuana timeline. I'm glad we will be able to enhance the wellness of all who choose.

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