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Taking It One Car At A Time

I believe we have successfully implemented our new curbside service. Based on this week's experience that temporarily has become the new normal here at Bella Sol. We have adapted to this change as a team with a positive attitude. This is not the first obstacle Bella Sol has overcome as a team, surely not our last either. I'm convinced our adapt and overcome attitude made it easier for us to embrace our new curbside service.

We have developed a fast-paced relay of curbside greetings, checking patients in and running their products back to their car. We have adapted our exclusive services to accommodate proactive measures. You can still have a knowledgeable patient care specialist to answer all of your questions by phone. You can still use your leaf print from Canna-Val to show you what products we carry that meets your cannabis needs and alleviate your symptoms. Our goals remain the same, we still want to help individuals make informed decisions about their cannabis needs.

Bella Sol along with the rest of our State's businesses who are now curbside are all adjusting to the new normal of life during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are all just taking these times of uncertainty one car at a time. We are all in this together, in times of uncertainty the only way out is through.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and Stay Kind!

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