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Recreational Adult-use learning curve!

With the greenness of the recreational adult-use here in Michigan, the regulators and those in the cannabis industry are all learning together.

From Provisioning Centers who are transferring products from medical to recreational adult-use for the first time, not knowing how long the process takes, to the number of licensed recreational growers that pale in comparison to the number of active Provisioning Centers.

Which makes supply and demand an obstacle in itself. Securing product was a difficult task when it was just medical, due to the flower shortage brought on from the closing of a lab for cannabis and cannabis products. Supply and demand issues are a common occurrence when opening a new market. With a few more harvest coming up and new recreational growers becoming active. I believe the shortage will even itself out. The patience of trial and error will be needed in this new market. Kudos to the State of Michigan for allowing all qualifying Provisioning Centers to transfer products between medical and recreation after the 30-day mark. Also, for giving us our choice back. Now individuals can choose if cannabis is right for them or not.

Your choice, your tomorrow your wellness never sounded so good!

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