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Patient Education Daze

Working in the cannabis industry we need to possess the knowledge to assist patients in making informed decisions about their cannabis needs. Learning more about the brands we carry can help us to find the best products for you. We have been busy sitting in on online modules and earning certificates here at Bella Sol Wellness Centers.

The enthusiasm for learning new brands and exploring old brands with new knowledge has us all buzz (pun intended). The staff's enthusiastic approach to our online learning modules was impressive, I believe we all finished on the same day for several different brands. I could not be more proud of the Bella Sol Team.

We would like to share this knowledge with those who are interested. So we have decided to do Patient Education Daze here at Bella Sol Wellness Centers. We will do our Patient Care Daze on Tuesday's from 1:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m. Every week we will pick a brand/product of the week. Those who attend this event will receive 20% off the brand/product of the week.

Come on in and hang out with fellow cannabis enthusiasts for a fun new learning experience!

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