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Patient Care Specialist in the Medical Cannabis Industry

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

What does a Patient Care Specialist do in the Medical Cannabis Industry? Patient Care is the backbone of any Provisional Center, without your patient's you have no business. The patients should be comfortable coming to your provisional, just as they are going to their local pharmacy. Patients should never be intimidated to make a purchase.

A Patient Care Specialist should be knowledgeable in the latest products, consumption methods, and legal landscapes of medical cannabis. The Patient Care Specialist should be willing to spend extra time with new patients who may have questions about consumption or new products. In other words your patient should never feel rushed to make a purchase or like they just stepped into a car dealership and everyone has a quota for sales.

Patient Care Specialist should be available and willing to use their knowledge, compassion, and ethical approaches when assisting patient's to find the best products for their individual needs as well as enhancing their wellness. Patient Care Specialist should be making a difference one patient at a time. Patient Care Specialist should be accommodating to the individual medical cannabis needs of each patient. Patient Care Specialist are not your average bud tender.

Helping individuals make informed decisions about their cannabis needs is what patient care is all about.

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