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Michigan is staying home medicated!

As Michigan prepares to stay at home for 3 weeks, they are needing more than groceries, and toilet paper to sustain them. We are a Medicinal and Recreational marijuana State. Working in the industry, I have witnessed patients who were uncertain if they would be able to pick their medicine up or not. Our Governor had already set in place new regulations allowing for curbside service and delivery where available to ensure the patients had access to their medicine. Here at Bella Sol, we have implemented the online ordering curbside service. It is a little different running to cars, then inside to check them in, make their purchases and running back to their cars. We had some uncertainties ourselves how would we continue our excellent patient care? Is it safe to do curbside pick up? What if patients have questions about their products they usually ask upon purchasing. We have figured out a way to assure our patients we still want to help them make informed decisions about their cannabis needs. We will have someone on the phones all day available to answer questions and help those who need instructions on our new procedures. We came up with a safety plan for our curbside service you will have 2 patient care specialists coming to your car. We have been taking all precautions to assure we can still serve our patients. So as the procedure may have changed however, our patient care will remain the same.

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