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Meet your Patient Care Specialist


My name is Heather Howell I am a retired Licensed Massage Therapist. I have always been passionate about the holistic approach to medicine. I started my career out in a Nursing home setting as a Nurse's Aide. Ever since childhood, I wanted to be a nurse. It was in the nursing home setting that I realized the healing in a massage. I have witnessed medicine administered to treat only the symptoms. I wanted to treat the whole patient. Licensed Massage Therapy is a limited Branch of Medicine, meaning I can treat but not prescribe or diagnose. I was able to work in a wellness center as I attended school for massage therapy. Upon finishing school and passing my boards. I went to work in a Salon/Spa while also provided in-home massage to my patients.

I moved from my home state of Ohio to Michigan a little over 5 years ago. That is where my passion for the holistic approach to medicine brought me to the cannabis industry. I have been working in the industry for over a year now. I have grown within Bella Sol Wellness Centers from a Patient Care Specialist to the Front Manager. I do the marketing, give patient consultations, assist patients in obtaining their medical cards, have built relationships with community outreach, provide on-learn educational training for the staff, creating a blog to help educate the stigma out of cannabis, recently created a weedtube channel. Not to mention the daily task that goes into working in a provisioning center. My long-term goals are to form an association with like-minded workers within the cannabis industry. To give all of us in the industry a supportive network, and to make a difference in our community.

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