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Here in Michigan we have a very busy month starting December 1st, 2019 we can start recreational services. We have been patiently waiting on approval for Recreational user's since voter's approved the legalization in November of 2018.

In this industry strict and unambiguous compliance is a necessity. December 1st is the official first day of Recreational sales. Provisioning Center's all over Michigan who were approved have been getting ready. Making sure they have properly secured their licensing and following all the LARA rules and regulations. Properly entering Recreational products and Medical products into our state tracking system METRC. Reserving shelves to entirely Recreational or Medical products. It is fair to say that December 1st is a tentative date for most licensed provisional's who will be making the merge to recreational as well.

This has been years in the making and marks an end to an era. This is what freedom of choice feels like. Free of fearing criminal prosecution and being giving back the right to choose if cannabis is right for you. Years ago I would of never imagined I could work legally in the cannabis industry. Here I am today writing informative blogs, answering calls about our date to begin recreation services, and planning outreaches in the community. I am excited to be just a small part of this industry. Today is in fact a big deal! The next time you go into your local provisioning Center the set up may look different. However, your patient care should never waver it should always be consistent and attentive. Your choice, your tomorrow, your wellness.

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