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Historic Moments in Muskegon Michigan

Michigan is all abuzz as we get ready to embark on this important milestone. In this historic moment as we mark the end to an Era.

Provisioning centers alongside recreational adult-use cannabis enthusiasts are anxiously awaiting final approvals and licensing from the State. We are excited to be apart of the making history here in Muskegon, Michigan.

Here at Bella Sol Wellness Centers, we have exclusive services for our medical patients that we will be extending to our recreation adult-user. We have free patient Consultations with our in house R.N. We will be offering our exclusive Canna-Val program to recreational adult -use as well. We want to give you the best options to fit your needs. Canna-Val will generate a leaf print tailored specifically to your needs. Using the latest scientific research your leaf print will identify the specific cannabinoids you need and exactly what products have that cannabinoid profile in our provisioning center.

Patient care specialists here at Bella Sol Wellness Centers are knowledgeable and friendly. You will never be made to feel like your part of a sales quota or that you are being rushed in and out like cattle. We have administered excellent patient care with each of our patients. Our goal is to enhance the wellness of those who come through our doors. We have been giving back our choice! It is your choice, your health and your tomorrow.

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