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Essential Worker's Elbow Bump, it's the new high five.

Working during, in, and through the pandemic has had its challenges, but has also been rewarding. We have been blessed to operate utilizing curbside service and were fortunate enough to have the support from our patients who continued to pull up for curbside every day. We, in turn, supported local businesses for our PPE needs, ordered food from our local diners, and shopped our local stores for all of our disinfectant and sanitation needs.

Through these times of uncertainty, the one thing that remained certain was that we needed to keep providing medicine for our patients. In order to do so, we needed to add extra precautions and take proactive measures to maintain the safety of our patients and our staff. We needed to orchestrate how curbside was going to take place, what was going to be our new check-in procedures? Would we be able to accommodate every patient with online ordering? The truth is we have never had to endure this before and neither had our patients. We embraced the challenge as a learning lesson, knowing the only way out was through it together.

Let's be honest, not everyone was happy about the new changes, as patients still wanted to be able to come inside. On the other hand, most patients loved having their product brought to their car. Something none of us ever thought was going to happen; curbside service at the provisioning centers. The legal landscaping in the Cannabis industry also had to adapt to our new pandemic. With the stay at home executive order in place, a lot of patients now have expired Identification cards and expired medical marijuana cards. The MRA allowed for temporary transfers to these patients and has actually revised many bulletins related to CoVid-19 and the temporary allowances.

We have not been able to please everyone, nor do we think we can, however, we are proud to be able to still serve our patient's needs. In a time when we had more questions than answers, I am proud of Bella Sol Wellness for focusing on the only certainty we knew, which was to provide our patient's medicine and working hard to safely accomplish the task.

Replacing high fives with elbow bumps for a job well done brings a whole new meaning to the words joints up.

Continue to stay safe out there, stay calm and order curbside!

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