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Emergency Vaping ban on Marijuana has the industry scrambling to find safe alternatives to vaping.

On Friday November 22nd 2019 the State of Michigan put into effect an emergency ban on marijuana vape cartridges. The Vitamin E Acetate is the chemical of concern according to LARA. The emergency ban is to remain in effect for 6 month's, until further testing can be done for the presence of Vitamin E Acetate. Our thoughts go out to all who have been affected by the EVALI outbreak. In this industry we are diligent about following the State Regulations of our products ensuring safety and confidence with each purchase.

The State intends to inspect processing facilities twice a month to ensure there is no Vitamin E Acetate or any other harmful additives. They have not found any Vitamin E Acetate in any state regulated vapes from licensed vendors. They have found Vitamin E Acetate in the unlicensed vape cartridges they have found. It should be asked by the consumer suffering from the EVALI outbreak where did they obtain the cartridge in question. The black market is suspected for this chemical of concern, however until further testing is done the ban remains.

If you are a vape user and are looking for an alternative for safe consumption. Perhaps a concentrate (live resin, sugar) may be what you are looking for. The products in any licensed provisional should be state tested and passed before hitting the shelves. There are dry herb vapes for flower if you still want to vape. Another option you have is putting sugar concentrate in the wax pens. A reputable pen to look for would be the yocan pen. There are many other wax pen options for you to chose from.

Our priority is the safety of our patients.

Bare with us while we continue to ensure confidence in your purchases.

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