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Do you have your leaf print from Canna-Val?

Did you know that you have a leaf print as unique to you as your fingerprint? This is an exclusive free service provided for you, from Canna-Val. To obtain your leaf print you submit information about your symptoms or ailments into the Canna -Val program. You can search and follow the prompts. This will generate a list of products specific to your needs known as your leaf print. Your leaf print will then show all available products we have for you in our provisioning center.

You can track your progress you have with new medicinal products, as well as what did not work for you, with a rating system. We also provide a free patient consultation to help you understand your leaf print. Your leaf print will break down into the specific cannabinoids that you need, and what products have this specific cannabinoid profile. Canna-Val is able to generate your leaf print using the most up to date MMJ research. If you are looking to enhance your health and get specific relief from symptoms, Canna-Val would be my suggestion. Remember this is a free service, so you have nothing to lose and perhaps even gain some relief.

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