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Cooking with Cannabis

If you make it with butter you can infuse it. if you make it with oil it can also be infused. Edibles have come along way from just brownies and cookies. You can infuse entire dishes with cannabis, from your appetizers to your deserts and entrees in between. You can choose to use cannabutter or cannaoil making it easier to infuse any recipe. You can choose to infuse your butter or oil or buy it from your local medical cannabis dispensary.

With Thanksgiving coming up I believe a cannabis infused dinner will definitely stifle the stress of the holiday season. It will be easy to infuse your whole dinner from the turkey to the pumpkin pie. Cannabutter is easy to substitute the butter you would normally use to cook with. You can add 2 tablespoons of cannabutter to your pie filling recipes and now you have a cannabis infused dessert. You can add the cannabutter to your stuffing/dressing recipes, brine your turkey with cannabutter, add cannabutter to your mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, sweet potatoes. I would suggest a sleepover after this dinner, between the tryptophan in the turkey and the cannabis infused throughout the dinner you are going to be in a relaxed state of mind. You can still follow grandma's recipe you will just be adding in your own special ingredients, by replacing traditional butter with cannbutter.

Check your local medical cannabis dispensary for cannabutter or cannaoil and be grateful and relaxed at this years Thanksgiving Dinner party.

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