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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Edited 10/03/2020

We are all here to accomplish the same thing, there should be no animosity among provisioning centers?

We should share common goals in being patient care oriented, compassionate about enhancing wellness and helping patients make informed decisions pertaining to their unique cannabis needs, working together diligently to educate the stigma out of cannabis.

Working together to give back to the community in which the provisioning centers are located.

Soon there will be 5 provisioning centers in Muskegon! Imagine the powerful positive impact 5 provisioning centers working together could leave on a community. Building relationships with our fellow provisioning centers could be beneficial not only to those in the industry but to the community in which we reside.

Wishes of goodwill to our fellow provisioning and to the upcoming provisioning as they prepare to open.

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As we continue to wish the best of luck to our fellow provisioning centers and a warm welcome to the neighborhood!

Today is 10/03/2020 and the fifth provisioning center is nearing opening day. This is an exciting time to be apart of this progressive industry. Here In Muskegon Michigan that will not be the last of provisioning centers to be operational in the community. A new one will open next door to us in the near future. We hope to work together and form an association with our cannabis comrades, the first of its kind on the west side of the state.

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