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Bridging the gap between Cannabis and Community!

My name is Heather Howell owner of Canna Consultant LLC. This past weekend I hosted the first Cannabis Industry Beach Clean-up at Pere Marquette. I would like to thank the City of Muskegon’s Park and Rec Department along with the City of Muskegon Parking Enforcement for the 20 parking passes for the beach on Saturday. They were appreciated by the 20 members of the cannabis industry who volunteered to clean the beach. I would also like to recognize and extend a heartfelt thank you to the companies that participated in the first Cannabis Industry Beach Clean-up. Bella Sol Wellness Center, Exclusive Brands, Root Weaver, and Fluresh all showed up and had teams of cannabis enthusiasts ready to clean. I would also like to acknowledge a couple of patients from Bella Sol Wellness Centers, who volunteered their time to clean the beach as well. You know who you were, and it was greatly appreciated. Bridging the gap between Cannabis and Community isn’t going to happen overnight but we must start somewhere! The stigma attached to cannabis has barricaded many opportunities for community involvement from the cannabis industry. On July 17th 5 companies within the cannabis industry worked together in comradery to clean to assist in preserving this beautiful beach. To give back is its own reward, however, I wish you all could have seen it through my eyes because it was a magical moment watching beachgoers be surprised, impressed, and grateful to each of you for cleaning their beach! Thank you for helping to bridge the gap between cannabis and community, I'm

telling you I watched it get smaller on Saturday!

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