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Bella Sol Wellness Centers Continue to Give Back!

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Bella Sol Wellness Centers Has always been involved in our Community. CoVid- 19 has made it quite challenging to continue to participate and host community events in the spring and early summer. We decided to start thinking outside the box to continue giving back.

Over the July 4th weekend we held a raffle and donated the proceeds to the pound buddies as they had a decline in donations during the pandemic.

Last month we donated $500.00 to a community project that a local business owner started. Revelation Lawn and Snow a locally-owned landscaping business has picked the Heritage Landing to do some much-needed landscaping, clean up, and planting trees.

For our first year anniversary, we wanted to thank our community for the continued support. We purchased some Lakeshore Cash from the Chamber of Commerce, yesterday we gave them to our patients to use in our community.

In an additional effort to support our local businesses, we have invited several other small businesses to give us their business cards so we made a mobile business card ring. To hand out to our patients, considering they can no longer see our community board in our waiting room.

We are really excited about our raffle, it was the biggest one yet totaling $355.00. We always give all the proceeds to a charity in our community. These events raffle proceeds goes to a family in need we have chosen through our local United Way.

Thank you for your support this past year we appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for participating in our Celebration on the Go!

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